June 23, 2024
If you need to hang a picture, you don’t need to grab a level – your phone can do it for you.

5 ways your gadgets can find photos or turn notes into text and more.

If you’ve ever wandered around a hot parking lot searching for your car, you’ll love me for this tip.

Next time you park, open Google Maps, tap the blue dot that shows your location, and select Set as parking location. Easy, right? Tap or click for a buried Google Maps security setting you should change now.

These little tech tricks might make you think, “Why didn’t someone tell me that sooner?” I did! Tap or click for 10 incredibly useful iPhone and Android tricks that make your life easier.

In the spirit of living a better digital life, here are five smart ways you can use your gadgets to cure some of life’s little annoyances. These are also fun to share with friends and family. Just imagine how impressed they’ll be.