June 23, 2024
Hidden iPhone tricks extend your battery life instantly

Hidden iPhone tricks extend your battery life instantly

iPHONE battery efficiency is a top priority for users who are always on the go without access to a charger.

The iPhone 13, the newest model, has a major battery upgrade – but there are other ways to squeeze extra juice out.


The iPhone battery is designed to last up to 19 hours depending on the model

Jessica Wang, a TikToker with over 5 million followers, posted a clip of her best battery-saving hacks.

The tips are easy to follow and applicable on all the latest iPhone models.

iPhone batteries are chemical products that naturally erode over time – if your iPhone’s battery is starting to disappoint, these tricks could help increase its lasting power.

Wang’s verified page is not solely dedicated to Apple technology but her tricks pass the eye test and reduce demand on the battery.

Wang’s first recommendation is to turn off Siri suggestions.

Under the Settings app, click the Siri & Search tab.

Toggle off all three Siri Suggestion nodes.

Your iPhone will use less battery thanks to this tip, because the device is simply been instructed to do less.

Stay in the Settings app to apply the next trick.

Newer iPhones are programmed to have a motion-sensitive screen so that the screen is visible and useful from all angles – tilt your phone to observe the parallax effect of drifting icons.

This feature is cool, but not essential – go to the Accessibility tab, and then click Motion.

Toggle on the Reduce Motion node to save juice.

Lastly, Wang suggests that users turn off Background App Refresh, listed under General in your phone’s settings.

This feature keeps apps that you are not using up to speed – turning it off will save battery.

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Replacing an iPhone battery is a cheaper alternative to getting an entirely new phone.

Apple will replace batteries for phones that are under warranty or protected by Apple Car for free.

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