June 23, 2024
iOS 16: Which stock iPhone app do you want to see Apple upgrade the most?

iOS 16: Which stock iPhone app do you want to see Apple upgrade the most?

iOS 16 is just a couple of months away from being announced by Apple during the WWDC 2022 keynote. While last year’s operating system focused a lot on FaceTime, Apple Maps, and Weather, which stock iPhone app do you want to see Apple upgrade the most?

Let’s start with Messages. People love iMessage, but it sure has a lot to improve. It’s still very difficult to roll back to old conversations. Its thread function is also a bit messy – and Apple simply forgot about effects.

Not only that, but the iMessage App Store is pretty much forgotten. For iOS 16, in particular, I really hope Apple will make messaging more enjoyable, borrowing features available on WhatsApp, Telegram, and Discord. You can also read about some other ways Apple could improve iMessage here.

Apple Music is another app that needs a revamp. Although Apple won’t make a complete redesign for it on iOS 16, the company could still improve some important features. Searching for lyrics and songs is still weird if you make a mistake. Gapless playback is another function that 9to5Mac‘s Chance Miller recently wrote about. In addition, don’t even get me started on the Replay playlist.

Personally, I think Apple should focus more on the social part of Apple Music – since Spotify keeps killing in this section. Please, just make listening to songs together more enjoyable – and I’m not talking about just having the SharePlay feature, which most of our readers don’t use.

Over the years, the Camera app has become more complex. With the latest features available on the iPhone 13 Pro, users truly need to be “Pro” to understand how they can take full advantage of their cameras.

With iOS 16, I hope Apple makes the Camera app simpler for users to enjoy since most of the third-party apps already offer a ton of customization for professional users.

Talking about apps that need some love, what about the Mail app? So many developers are bringing such interesting ideas for sending and receiving email, and Apple still seems to struggle a lot. The last time I got excited – for no reason – was with the Hide my Email feature. What about a better spam filter, huh, and maybe the ability to lock the app with Face ID?

Last but not least, I think the Photos app still needs more love with iOS 16. I really enjoyed the way Apple brought Memories with iOS 14, but it could use some new tricks: recognize more objects, people, animals, etc.

Apple desperately needs to introduce a better Hide My Photos folder, the way it works today is entirely annoying. Also, imagine if the company helped users by erasing duplicated images!

Wrap up

Of course, these are only five of the many stock apps available on the iPhone. For iOS 16, which of them do you think Apple should focus on the most? Vote in the poll and share your thoughts in the comment section below.