June 15, 2024
iPhone TRICKS that Apple seriously needs to advertise! These 6 tips are AMAZING

iPhone TRICKS that Apple seriously needs to advertise! These 6 tips are AMAZING

iPhone tricks that can make using your iPhone so much easier. Apple bakes in a lot of smart features on its iOS.

iPhone tricks to get the most out of your prized possession: People often say that nothing beats Android phones when it comes to productivity and tricks, and the iPhone is often scoffed at for missing a lot of features. However, it is not exactly as it seems on the surface. Every year, Apple updates iOS with new features and advertises the new ones all across the world, while the old ones are easily forgotten. And some of these forgotten ones are gems.

Hence, we decided to bring up some of the most interesting ones that can spice up your iPhone experience by a notch. And these are some amazing features that are hidden beneath dozens of layers of iOS settings. It is a shame that Apple does not advertise these anywhere, since these can change the way you use your iPhone daily.

iPhone Tricks to make life easy

Put call on HOLD, not Mute

Yes, you can put an ongoing call on Hold rather than just muting your mic. On the caller ID screen, all you need to do is long press the “Mute” button and your call will go on Hold. This way, neither you nor your caller will be able to hear each other.

Send “Hi” with a laser show

Yes, you can send a laser show with your simple “Hi”. Or you can choose from several special effects to cheer up your text messages. But this is only possible if you are sending an iMessage to someone (blue bubble messages). Type your text in the box and long-press on the send button. An effects window will open and you can choose from several nifty effects.

Scan documents

Not many people know this but you can scan documents and create a digital file! Open Files and then the folder to which you want to save the scan. Select the menu button in the upper right and select “Scan document”. Once the camera opens, point it at the document and it will take a photo automatically. You can then adjust the corners and once done, just save and name the file. You can also do this from the Notes app.

Search anything anywhere

The Spotlight feature on iOS is a great too. Just swipe down on homescreen and type anything your want to search. Be it a Google search term or a file name, or somebody’s contact, it will be all shown here.

Copy text from the world

Yeah, no kidding. Just open the camera and take a photo of a signboard, or anything in front of you. Once taken, tap on the text and you will get the option to copy it. You can also see the camera showing a yellow box over the text it detected, and tapping the adjoining yellow button will let you copy the text from there too. Easy!

Back Tap

You can tap the back of your iPhone to do certain functions – sort of like a shortcuts button. You have to enable it from Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap. The available functions are limited but they can help with simple things such as taking a screenshot, or locking your iPhone, or something more.

Text Cursor

If you make lots of typos while typing and find it fiddly to place the cursor on the wrong words, this is your solution. Simply long tap the spacebar and you can move around the cursor to any position you like conveniently. The feature is available also on the iPad.