June 23, 2024
Not happy with your iPhone speakers sound? Fix it this way, but proceed with caution

Not happy with your iPhone speakers sound? Fix it this way, but proceed with caution

If you are facing sound quality issues, then it’s time to clean your iPhone speakers! Here’s how to clean iPhone speakers without causing any damage to them.

Does your iPhone speaker sound muffled? Are you struggling with the bad sound quality? The reason may be hidden within your iPhone speakers! Dust, dirt and debris enter the speakers and this can affect sound quality. So, if it is time to clean your iPhone speakers, then just read on. However, there is a warning, do it very carefully as you don’t want to damage the speakers while cleaning them. Hence, before you start cleaning your iPhone speakers’ grill, first know what you shouldn’t do! Apple has mentioned a few precautions that you need to take with your iPhone to avoid any harm coming to it. Here’s what.

Cleaning your iPhone? Take these precautions

  • You should ensure to use only a soft, lint-free cloth while cleaning your iPhone. Avoid abrasive cloths, towels, paper towels, or similar items. Similarly, for cleaning speakers, you need to ensure to have a clean and dry soft-bristle brush.
  • Avoid excessive wiping or brushing which might cause damage.
  • Before cleaning your iPhone, unplug all external power sources, devices, and cables.
  • Do not spray the liquids on the iPhone. Keep your device dry. Don’t get moisture into any openings such as the speaker grill.
  • Never use aerosol sprays, bleaches, or abrasives for cleaning any part of your iPhone.

Now, let’s begin the process of cleaning your iPhone speakers in order to restore its sound quality to what it was when new. The process to clean the iPhone speaker grill is suggested by the iPhone maker Apple, so just keep following the steps.